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It's June 1! Check-in time!

Petrus a posted Jun 1, 14
What's everyone up to? What are you doing these days! Let's see where we're all at and figure out about getting stuff re-started.
Bky I am not sure If I can raid anymore either. Got a new job and the hours are odd, been doing a fair amount of shift switc ...
Zengsu Yeah i cant raid anymore, moved while we were on break and the ISP where i live now are nothing buy shitty service, Hugh ...
Schnigle I'm around and ready to raid. I don't see many others on though. Is it going to be worth it, this late in the expansion, ...
With the obviously distant date for Warlords of Draenor (set to be released some time before Dec 20, 2014), and the recent release of the new Diablo III expansion, and varying attendance issues that have risen due to a random player-per-week's real-life events, a discussion needed to be had about the future of Eastbound and Down's raiding schedule.

After taking feedback during a Mumble chat with all of the remaining Core Raiders, it turned out that a majority of those making up the raid roster were either interested in taking a break from the game, or transitioning to a more casual schedule and game-play style with WoW. A few raiders were still interested in continuing to play the game, and a cross-section of those taking a break from WoW and those remaining would be taking up their banners in the new Diablo III expansion, at least for the next few months.

This resulted in the decision to postpone raiding on a heroic progression level until Sunday, June 1, 2014. An in-game calendar event was created for guild members to "Sign Up" to as a reminder to reconvene that Sunday evening during normal raid hours, at 8:30pm Server Time.

So, with that in mind, enjoy the break from the heroic grind. Get rested, play other games, talk to your family, and for God's sake - go play outside. But if you can't do any of that, at least come back to the game at the start of June refreshed and ready for whatever's next. See you this Summer!
Garrosh Guild Kill

Finally Motherfucker

Bakasuya a posted Jun 24, 13
A little under 2 months after leaving the shithole that is Gorgonnash, we have managed to put together a great group and kill this asshole.

Puremurder glad i was there for it
Janusu I love how excluded my water elemental is. He looks so lonely.
Oxo Congatz all. Sorry I couldn't be part of it.

Goodbye Gorgonnash

Bakasuya a posted May 3, 13
This weekend we will be leaving Gorgonnash and look for a breath of fresh air on Stormreaver. Any and all that would like to join us are more than welcome. 
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